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Webstagram: Why do I need it?

Instagram is a social network that allows you to quickly and beautifully process photos, and then share them with Instagram users.

Initially, Instagram was designed to be used on phones.

First, the program was supported only by Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod), and later versions for Android devices were developed.

One would agree that it’s more convenient to view photos and comments on them on a large computer screen than on a small phone screen.

Thus, with its development and growth of the social network, many users have expressed a desire to use Instagram from a computer.

Thanks to Instagram web viewers, it is now possible to use Instagram on a computer.

Instagram developers provide an open API through which Webstagram runs.

In turn, it became a convenient form of Instagram.

Webstagram is a popular website created specifically to enable you to view photos from Instagram on your computer.

Many users, seeing the capabilities of this service, begin to use it even more often than the Instagram mobile app itself.

The goal of this web service is to bring you maximum comfort during the search and viewing of Instagram content.

Despite the fact that it is impossible to publish and process photos through Webstagram yet (for this you do need to use Instagram mobile app), it has a wide range of useful tools and functions for working with your favorite Instagram network.

For example, you can share posts you like via other social networks as well as use Webstagram search feature to find users and hashtags you desire.

You can view your own and friends’ photos, comments on each post, statistics, likes.

And all this is available without any charge or need to use your phone and log into your account, which is very convenient.

You can browse any user’s account without being noticed.

You do not even need to remember the exact wording of the user name or hashtag because Webstagram will give you results that contain your keyword.

However, Webstagram search is not the only feature that you can take advantage of.

You can also share photos with your friends on other social networks in just one click!

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr – now the integration of Instagram with these services is finally implemented conveniently and does not require any complicated actions from you.

Just try it!

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